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Practical Basic FEA

Practical Basic FEA
Practical Basic FEAUSD 750
Basic FEM Theory - Practical Universal Modeling Techniques
Linear Static - Linear Buckling - Modal Analysis
17 Lectures - 14 FEA Workflows - 20 hours - Unlimited access.

Practical Nonlinear FEA

Practical Nonlinear FEA
Practical Nonlinear FEAUSD 750
Modeling Techniques for Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Geometric, Material & Boundary Nonlinearities
15 Lectures - 17 FEA Workflows - 12 hours - Unlimited access.

Bundled Course

Practical Nonlinear FEA
FEA Academy Bundled CourseUSD 1500 USD 950

Take Advantage of the Best Practical FEA Online Courses.

The First Course of its Kind for FEA

Learn the Right FEA Modeling Techniques with FEA Specialists
Practical BASIC & NONLINEAR Finite Element Analysis
32 Lectures - 31 FEA Workflows - 32 Hours

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